Compliant to RoHS and international safety requirements for ensuring users safety.


More than 70% of consumers are very satisfied and experienced effects after use.


High quality materials and patented technology used in order to ensure users use with peace of mind.


Affordable fares for high quality products.

  • 2018


    • Qingshan Spring won the national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise


  • 2017


    • Launched “2017 shared large-flow water purifier” to subvert the industry and obtain angel investment of 30 million


  • 2016


    • Qingshan Spring won the “Special Water Purifier for Healthy Drinking Water” brand of the first “Belt and Road” International Cultural Industry Expo.


  • 2015


    • Won the honorary title of “Love Enterprise” and China 315 Integrity Brand, signed a contract with Pacific Baozhen, signed a celebrity endorsement, and broadcasted advertisements on the seventh and fifteenth music channels of CCTV.


  • 2014


    • More than 3,000 retail outlets and service outlets with three branches and more than 200 specialty stores


  • 2013


    • Successfully acquired German Hualuoshi Group (China) Co., Ltd. and launched China Environmental Business School.


  • 2012


    • Established China Water Quality Laboratory to customize the production of regional customer needs in China


  • 2011


    • For four consecutive years, it won the “Most Competitive Investment Value Brand in China's Water Purification Industry”.


  • 2010


    • “Intelligent Control Computer Edition” for R&D and production. Quickly occupy 1/3 of the Chinese computer version market


  • 2009


    • The water purification equipment was renamed as Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., becoming the largest OEM supplier in the water purification industry.


  • 2008


    • Through the comprehensive inspection and acceptance of the China Health Supervision Institute, the first to get the health wading approval


  • 2007


    • changed from "Qingshan Spring" to Shenzhen Qingshan Spring Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.


  • 2006


    • Once again shortlisted for the excellent product recommendation library of Peking University Water Purification


  • 2005


    • Successful acquisition of British Colliston Environmental Protection Electric Co., Ltd.


  • 2004


    • Become a governing unit of China Water Resources Association.


  • 2003


    • Successfully cooperated with Hong Kong Jupu Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. in October 2003 to complete the water conservancy project of Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  • 2002


    • Completed the first phase of water competition project of Beijing Medical University in 2002.


  • 2001


    • The first automated production line of water purification equipment was launched, becoming one of the largest water purification equipment production bases in China.


  • 2000


    • The company's senior management went to the United States, Japan, and Europe to learn and learn from international cutting-edge water purification technologies.


  • 1999


    • Dingli passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, the dual guarantee model unit.


  • 1998


    • The company was established on June 5, 1998. At the end of the same year, 65.45 million of the first phase of the desalination project in Huludao, Liaoning Province was completed.