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How to choose a water filter for my home or office?

QingShan Spring Environmental and Techralogy Co, Ltd.(QSS for short) was established in 1998.With 15 years OEM experience, and we are running our own brand in China from 2013.We have more than 500 customers care centers in China.

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RO&Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Reverse Osmosis Water Coolers for the office and home. Provide filtered water instantly with a reverse osmosis water cooler complete with several...

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UF&Ultrafiltration Water Filter

An ultrafiltration (UF) water system is an efficient means of removing solids and particulate from your water. Ultrafiltration systems remove all suspended particulate in water on a microscopic level.

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Pipeline Water Dispenser

Qingshan Spring direct piping water dispenser connects directly to your in-house water source for an auto instant refill of constant hot & cold filtered pure drinking water via...

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Water Softener

Water softeners remove mineral ions (calcium and magnesium) that cause hardness in water. By doing so, they help overcome issues that hard water can cause

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We manufacture a wide assortment of accessories for water purifiers that are able to fulfill all requirements of functional water purifiers. Our excellence lies in producing various accessories...


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Words from customers

Recovery of Cholesterol

In 1984, I have been cut off Gallbladder, but my cholesterol is still a very high cannot be dropped. Within 10 years, I didn’t eat outside food, through my friend introduced e-ions Ionized Healthy Water. Everyone should drink water, so buy a water machine.
In April this year, I went to a blood test, to get the report, I am very happy. My cholesterol dropped to normal. All the way my cholesterol reports are red, now blue, so come out to be Qingshan Spring testimonial.


Recovery of Foot Pain, Uric Acid, High Blood Pressure

Before I taking Qingshan Spring Ionized Healthy Water, I and having feet ache and uric acid for two years, high blood pressure for one year, and sometimes due to high blood pressure, I was suddenly fainted.
After 3 month drinking e-ions Ionized Healthy Water, foot pain gone, no uric acid and blood pressure back to normal. Every night I am using e-ions acidic water to wash my face, my skin become glossy and shining, my friends said I look younger.


Recovery of Migraine, Knee Pain, Liver Inflammation

Before I using Qingshan Spring Ionized Healthy Water, I easily get sick, I have 10 years of migraine problem. I have three years of knee pain and liver inflammation caused jaundice. My husband and children 8 years of bloating wind. Before, we are taking the RO water for 2 years from Company Qingshan Spring.
By Chance I know Mr Mok, he introduced me Qingshan Spring Ionized Healthy Water. When start drinking I feel bitter and I was told that effect I have of liver problems. After nine months drinking, all of the above problems have been solved. My complexion is better than before. I am very grateful to Qingshan Spring bring healthy to my family.

Qingshan Spring water filters have a highly effective barrier to pathogens and particles. water filters pore structure has an absolulte filtration rating of 0.0001 microns making it capable of filtering sub micron particles and bacteria from drinking water.
Most municipal water systems use chlorine or chloramines to treat water which are chemicals designed to kill living organisms. While they do an excellent job treating your water, they create dry skin and hair, unpleasant taste and odors that many people do not like. Qingshan Spring Water Systems filter out the unpleasant tastes and smells to provide clean filtered water, rich in mineral nutrients, from every faucet, shower, and toilet in your home.
Virtually all applications will benefit from filtering. Even if little is being filtered out of your water at this time – this will act as another layer of protection in case of any changes in your water supply.